By:  Marty & Cindy Frantz

The single greatest Congressional Act in American history, which deterred financial crises and promoted US prosperity, was the enactment of FDR’s 1933 FDIC depository insurance.  FDIC insurance has made all deposits safe and protected from bank internal troubles for nearly a century.  It removed the incentive for depositors to make panic “runs” on bank deposits  that needlessly disrupted the US economy.  In the 100 year period prior to FDIC insurance,  there was one US financial crisis every 11yrs.   After depository insurance,  there has only been a US financial crisis once every 33yrs, a remarkable improvement.  What can be done to improve the banking system now so banking crises only happen once every 50yrs or maybe never again?   

The next greatest Congressional Act in American history, in addition to making bank deposits safe and protected, is to make bank loans safe and protected.  During banking crises, lenders often succumb to regulatory pressures at the expense of borrowers.  Now we must permanently remove those counterproductive pressures, the same way Congress removed incentives for depositors to panic and withdraw their money.        

Economists agree that the Great Recession of 2007 should have only been a small market correction. America could have saved 220,000 small businesses, 9 million jobs, 6 million homes and 500 banks.  Instead, all of these were lost.  But we can change that.

A vote of the “Financial CHOICE Act” passed the US House Of Representatives June 2017.  While it has many provisions that will improve banking,  it is absent of provisions to protect small business and home owner loans from frenzied markets and lender regulatory pressures. The Senate version of the “CHOICE Act” needs to include assurances that all business and home loans are safe and protected during panics and will no longer be subject to these destructive and unnecessary anomalies.    

With your support, Idaho Senator Crapo and Senator Risch, who are crafting the Senate Bill revisions, will fix this problem.  Future financial crises can be avoided and we can have confidence that our current prosperity will not end in another unnecessary Recession.   Armed with experience and education, we can make a difference for our children and grandchildren.  

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Message:  Dear Senator,  We request that the Senate version of the Financial CHOICE Act include provisions to make all bank loans safe from lender internal crises during US Recessions.   Please add provisions that will deter what happened to the Frantzs and thousands of other small business and home owners like them during the Great Recession.  We support the petitions the Frantzs have proposed as detailed on the Fair Banking web site:          


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