“The Financial CHOICE Act”

“The most important legislation of our Generation”

Cindy and Marty Frantz, retired small business entrepreneurs and legislation reform proponents  spent 3 days on Capitol Hill in Washington, D. C. recently meeting with Congressmen on the Senate Finance Committee.  Senator Risch (pictured above), Senator Crapo and Representative Labrador were very welcoming and helpful.   Their findings confirmed that economists overwhelmingly agree major recessions and depressions are avoidable, over-stated and unnecessary market swings.  Concerned that another recession may be looming on the horizon, the Frantzs took ideas to Congress to establish borrower loan protections for  middleclass Americans, Small Business and Home Owners.   Without meaningful borrower protections, there will likely be another devastating repeat of the 220 thousand businesses, 9 million jobs and 6 million homes that were lost in the Great Recessions.   The House  Financial CHOICE Act will replace  Dodd-Frank, the legislation that was enacted in 2010 to prevent all future recessions.  While the CHOICE Act proposes much needed regulation reform for banks to help grow our economy,  it does not address resources to  prevent future recessions, the original intent of the legislation.   The Frantzs went back to DC and presented borrower protections  which will stop run-a-way recessions from getting a foot-hold in our economy.  The key proposal is to empower the existing Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) with a Citizen’s Borrowers Appeal Board.    The board will speedily resolve disputes for Small Business and Home Owner loans, giving US citizens a voice and resource never before available to them in the history of our country.  The Frantzs met with other Senate and House leaders on various Finance Committees and were publically introduced by Senator Risch at a Senate televised hearing on Small Business & Entrepreneurship.  The Financial CHOICE Act, passed the House Finance Committee last Thursday, May 4th  and will go for a vote before the House soon.    The Frantzs believe if the Bill’s Republican sponsors reach out to the Democrats in a bipartisan effort and add meaningful borrower protections for Small Business and Home Owner,  the 589 page Bill (HR 10) will get the 60 votes it needs in the Senate and become the most important legislation passed in a generation.  The Frantzs are working with both Republican and Democrat leaders over the coming months as bipartisan proponents of the reform.  


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