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Are you an individual or business considering Restructuring and/or Bankruptcy? Have you already filed? I’m a business professional and after a 35 year successful career achieving a net worth over $12m. Even though I was in great shape, the bank I did business with caused me to go through Chpt 11 & 7 bankruptcy. They were listed in 2010 on the ‘watch list’ with a D rating and weren’t far away from being taken over by the Feds. Their stock crashed over 90% and was later de-registered. Instead of accepting TARP funds to give it time to recover they turned a blind eye to their customers and began employing predatory lending practices. The bank attacked my personal lifelong reputation and through economic warfare, destroyed my access to credit taking away my right to work in my successful healthcare business. It gets better. The bank booked $1.5m in extra 21% interest/penalties alleging I was in default when in fact I had never missed a payment! I’m sure you are aware of many similar situations. 157 banks closed that same year, and were taken over by other banks.

The good news for you is that I now have over a half decade of great stories to share and scores of invaluable referrals and information from everything from the best attorneys and witnesses to how the homestead act can apply in various ways you would have never thought possible under new complex rules.

But getting back to bankruptcy, I can assure you that it is not what you may think at all! For small business, it doesn’t have the tools nor clout especially to deal with aggressive bankers. 220,000 businesses closed during the recession and only a fraction have come back. A (3) year study released January, 2015 by the ABI is proof that the system is broken and does not work for the majority of small business which account for 90% of bankruptcy case filings.

My business was healthy and vibrant during the recession. It generated over 5,000 jobs in the previous three decades! The current bankruptcy code doesn’t care about preserving viable business or jobs in the economy. As confirmed by the ABI commission, the bankruptcy system for small businesses is broken, doesn’t offer the tools to do what’s best for the public. If we could have taken a path that ABI is recommending to Congress, it would have been an entirely different outcome. But under current code, the Judge’s hands are tied.

It did provide an invaluable education for my son (my bankruptcy attorney). Our bankruptcy Judge is a thoughtful educator which I am personally grateful since my son was fresh out of law school. He always went way out of his way to explain his rulings in great detail. Don’t get me wrong. The Judge rarely went with our side and came to a few conclusions that were – well let’s just say he inaccurately sanctioned us fifty thousand dollars to move our case along. He also was on a board with the bank’s law firm member that handled the case. However, given the fact that the system is broken, at least the ABI is doing its best to change it. So for us, it eventually wasn’t about winning so much but to put in the very best effort we could with the time and recourses we had to learn as much as we possibly could from the Judge. Let’s just hope Congress listens to the ABI and revamps the code so the venue can become helpful to American small business and the US economy.

In the meantime, you’ve got to talk to me! Take advantage of my expertise and knowledge that I have gained from my real life experiences for years on the battle field’s front line. I can save you tens of thousands of dollars and a lot of heart-ache. I can’t wait to share with you all that I have learned about this fascinating subject. For free consulting, contact me at:

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