By: Marty Frantz
January 1, 2018

I have been a Government housing owner/operator for over 40 years. I have developed over $170m in housing projects in 7 western states and have owned and operated over $65m. I have been awarded national construction and design awards for my housing projects.
My local banker, Idaho Independent Bank (IIB) fell on hard times in 2007. The U.S. President appealed to banks to continue lending to sound customers to pull the country out of the Great Recession. However, to save IIB bank from closure, my banker ignored the President and stopped extending reasonable credit to good customers. Our company was in a business sector that did well during the severe down turn, employing hundreds of badly needed construction jobs.
While negotiating a loan renewal in mid 2010, I sharply criticized the bank founder for letting down the President, our country and our company. He was offended and angry. In retaliation, he fired my loan officer and fabricated a default against me to destroy my life-long work and business. I was never late on my payments and was in good financial condition.
Just prior to the fabricated loan default, in credit review, one of my loan officer’s stated:
“Our borrower has very strong character and that provides us with good opportunity to continue forward to a successful project… Marty Frantz is well known to the bank, provides high net worth, good credit, significant liquidly, and outside/secondary sources of repayment… Marty had been instrumental in bringing over $2.5MM in deposits to the branch… I can’t think of another borrower that provides a better combination of strength’s that we can work with on a significant project like Eagle Ridge…” [Ref: Hendricks pg 845]

Two weeks before the CEO began the fabricated default proceedings, my banker instructed me to make no more payments until the renewal loan re-set closing date, typical during renewals. See attached email correspondence in EXHIBIT A which is a true and correct copy. I complied with the loan officer’s instructions and was current on the loan mortgage terms at the exact same time the CEO proceeded with the erroneous default. I had never been late at any time in my four decade career on any loan and had ample funds to continue servicing the loan. The banker’s retaliatory action froze my credit and shut down my successful business which had created over 5,000 jobs. I was forced into Chpt 11 and then Chpt 7. I have been in litigation with my banker ever since, now into our 8th year. The banker broke me personally and continues retaliatory sanctions. That is how this story began and the back ground to why we are here in this court today.

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